High Cylinder Kit

Kit High Engine Cylinder Cylinder Malossi Mhr Aluminum Gilera Typhoon 50

Kit High Engine Cylinder Cylinder Malossi Mhr Aluminum Gilera Typhoon 50

Kit High Engine Cylinder Cylinder Malossi Mhr Aluminum Gilera Typhoon 50   Kit High Engine Cylinder Cylinder Malossi Mhr Aluminum Gilera Typhoon 50

Diameter ø 40 axis ø 12 h2o. Scarabeo street 50 2t ac (piaggio engine). Atlantis 50 2t ac (from 02) (piaggio engine). Atlantis bullet 50 2t ac (piaggio engine).

Bullet 50 2t ac (piaggio engine). Easy moving 50 2t ac. Typhoon x 50 2t ac. Typhoon xr 50 2t ac.

Jet set 50 2t ac (piaggio engine). Torpedo 50 2t ac (piaggio engine).

Torpedo new 50 2t ac (piaggio engine). Liberty s 50 2t ac. Nrg mc2 extrem 50 2t ac. Sfera nsl 50 2t ac. Sfera restiling 50 2t ac. Sfera rst 50 2t ac. Zip 50 2t ac (2000 to 2012). Zip 50 2t ac (up to 94). Zip fast rider 50 2t ac. Zip rst 50 2t ac. Vespa et 2 50 2t ac (2000). Vespa lx 50 2t ac. Vespa s 50 2t ac. Cylinder - material: special aluminum alloy with a high percentage of silicon and titanium, which guarantees a very high non-deformability even at high temperatures. Heat treatment: special heat treatment of quenching and stabilization, which on one side gives the material a high tenacity and excellent rigidity, and on the other hand gives the mechanical and dimensional characteristics a constancy up to a temperature of 250 ° c. Machining for the removal of shavings: made on numerically controlled machining centers with tolerances of dimensions and shapes (cylindricity, rotundity, perpendicularity) very strict. Report on the internal surface: performed with silicon carbide transfer on a nickel matrix, treated with a thermal process that guarantees an extremely high hardness (about 600 hvd, 1/5) with a very high resistance to wear. Internal machining of the cylinder: with special machines that allow to obtain a level of finish on the sliding walls with cross-roughness according to the angles established during the design phase (oiling).

Exhaust diagrams and openings: studied and made specifically for the competition. The definition of the exhaust and opening diagrams has required considerable work by our technicians on static engine test benches and on the competition tracks on which the trophy takes place.

Piston - materials: special alloy with a very high percentage of silicon, to guarantee a very good resistance to heat and a nonformability to temperature variations. External coating: graphite transfer which guarantees a very low coefficient of friction.

Structure: Reinforced to withstand the stresses that must undergo a heat group for the competition at the highest levels, but at the same time great lightness to reduce the forces of inertia. Tape: 1 mm spheroidal cast iron single section with hard chrome transfer on the outer surface. Segments - Segments made of high mechanical strength spheroidal cast iron with additions to the contact surface, of hard chromium anti - wear ground and honed. Cylinder head - materaiux: special aluminum alloy with high heat transfer coefficient.

Geometry of heat exchange areas increased and recalculated. Combustion chamber completely redesigned for high compression ratio (15.8: 1) and high turbulence. Work done on CNC machine tools. More items and accessories on misterbike - fr. Anti-theft devices, batteries, spark plugs, chain kits, pinions, crowns, chains, clutch discs, air filters, oil filters, fuel filters, oils, engine gaskets, spinnaker gaskets, brake levers and clutch handles, grip handles, gear jaws brake, fixed and floating brake discs, brake pads, motorcycle tires, cross and enduro tires, scooter tires, quad tires, inner tubes, lamps and spotlights, wheel bearings and steering bearings, spraychain, turn signals, mirrors, tubes forks, cables, tank caps, handlebars, bridges, bolts, handlebars, valves and stoppers, contactors, workshop saddles, footrests, belts, exhausts, tools, top cases and windshields.

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Kit High Engine Cylinder Cylinder Malossi Mhr Aluminum Gilera Typhoon 50   Kit High Engine Cylinder Cylinder Malossi Mhr Aluminum Gilera Typhoon 50